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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UV index of 11

So I know I promised a race report, and you can actually blame Lisa for that one, she told me that my posts were always too boring and negative, the horror of honesty! So I said, fine, you can do it! But then apparently she’s been too busy planning her actions for tomorrow’s celebratory parade that Dallas is having for the Dallas Mavericks…31 years in the making baby!

Anyways, I am in no way excited about this parade thing. For one I work downtown slightly off the parade route and they are closing down streets at 8 o’clock in the morning for people to get in position (uh, ok). Actually this would not be such a problem for me since I ride the train to work every day except for the fact that they have suggested people ride the train to avoid heavy traffic- thank you Dallas city officials.

 And since they are opening the sidewalks at 7 am for people to line up and since Dallas people are crazy (I’m thinking we are the only crazy city, correct me if I’m wrong. Read here for all the awesome paradeness Dallas has been a part of. Oh and I was there that day in 1993!) That totally means there will be campers and that my 6:15 train will be greatly appealing to all crazy parade goers, just wonderful! Hopefully I won’t have to hurt anyone or fight people out of my seat at that ungodly early hour, I’m used to riding the train in peace with my book and nice seat all to myself, I bug no one and life is good. Tomorrow will be interesting! If I do make it into my office on time that will be just wonderful because while crazy Lisa is out standing in the sun (she thinks a UV index of 11 is good!! I’m thinking NOT!)

 I will be in my air-conditioned office, reading blogs hard at work and can watch the parade on DVR later that night from the comforts of my own sweet bed. I love you Dallas Mavericks and I thank you for bringing us an NBA title, but I will not sacrifice my reputation of semi-sane human being to watching you ride past me on a float in 100 degree temperatures on a Thursday morning.
So anyways, about this race report- Lisa’s brief take on it was we stayed in a nice hotel, we ran, it was hot and we got a small medal, and we won’t do it again. Great thanks! What’s my take? Well I actually wasn’t planning on writing this so I kind of just didn’t give it much thought, other than I did not enjoy this race. I enjoyed the weekend (pictures and recap to come, if I’m not too lazy tonight) but that was about all. I was horribly out of shape, didn’t train properly and I hate this heat! That’s all I have to say for now.
So far, 3 days into our training, we are following our plan well- Sunday we ran our race, Monday we went to the gym and yesterday we were off, really hard I know! Tonight calls for 4 easy miles at a 12:49 pace (I think I can walk faster than that…) but due to this heat I think this is a great pace for our summer training, no rock star performance here, just trying not to die!
Have a happy Wednesday and hopefully I won’t encounter any crazies in the morning, that would just be a horrible start to my favorite day of the week!

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Anonymous said...

I am gonna steal your dam seat on the train with my yaaaay I don't have to go to work happy go lucky attitude.. How ya like them apples???