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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Let me tell you about this cool and awesome new and INEXPENSIVE running gear I got – a RoadID! I have heard people talk about these but I never really paid much attention to them myself. For one, I would always run with other people and secondly I usually carried my phone with me. But now days I don’t like to carry my phone with me at all (too much sweat!) and I often times find myself logging a few miles by my lonesome. So….I decided to appease my mother’s fears and look into them (*not to make my mom sound paranoid about anything happening to me but she does advocate safety). The only thing I had ever seen in these things was a metal plate that you laced onto your shoe. I thought they were a bit weird looking. And then I saw someone wearing one like an ankle bracelet – eh, that seems like it would get annoying. But I got on the website anyways and I was happily surprised to find MANY cool options! I also found out that they have a virtual ID, which means you can set up all your information in a secure account that can be accessed by emergency personnel through a pin number – I really LOVE this idea because that means if you were to ever lose your road ID, Billy Joe Bob and all his kin wouldn’t have all your information, it’s still secure. It also has many more ways to customize your ID with things like health insurance information, medications you are currently taking, known allergies and past medical history – all of these things are so helpful for the super hot paramedics to know so they can help you quicker!
After perusing their site I decided on the Slim Road ID in orange. The slim id is exactly like a ‘livestrong bracelet’ – the rubber kind that everyone is wearing these days, with a small metal plate with my name, year I was born and a 1-800 number or website to access if found (preferably on me, or actually maybe not because then that would mean something probably happened to me…). The serial number and pin number are on the back of the metal plate. I wore it the other day for the first time and it is incredibly light weight and I never knew it was there. It’s really cute too – because we all know that running is a cute sport! It was totally worth every penny of the $16 it cost! And it came with a yearlong membership to the virtual ID site (it’s only $10 a year to renew!!).

I know it seems like I was asked to write a review on this product, but I was not. I just think it is one of the smartest things out there for all active (or inactive) people. I even told my sisters to look into getting one. I firmly believe that you should be able to go out and experience life and get out there but in a safe way – and this can be done with this product. I was even told by a fellow running friend that I should probably wear it at all timesjust in case you know! If anyone is interested I am willing to share the love – I received a coupon code to pass along to my friends so if you are interested just let me know!

The other thing I love today is the conversation I had with my cousin Taylor – I have expressed desires to multiple family members about continuing my education beyond my bachelor’s degree and she really encouraged me today to take those steps (don’t worry, I’m not taking the steps today, she just encouraged me today). She just finished her master’s degree last weekend (so proud!). Even though it’s not a dream that I am able to move on in the next year, I did set a date for myself to revisit this idea. If at that time I haven’t made the strides I would have liked in my current career or still feel the longing to pursue this specific dream then I will see what needs to be done to move me in the right direction. I have learned so much about myself over the last several months and probably the biggest thing I have learn, that she reminded me of, is that I am capable of much more than I think I am. I DO have the drive and the passion and the abilities do accomplish dreams, they don’t have to be just dreams. I may not financially be in that position (and maybe not totally and completely mentally just yet either) but I can do things now to focus myself in that direction so that in the next several years I can be able to do that! Thanks Taylor for the sweet words of encouragement!
And I can not do anything else but LOVE LOVE LOVE the Groupon today! It's for Old Navy!!

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Amanda@runninghood said...

Go get those dreams girl! Most of us set limits for ourselves that don't need to be there. Glad you have someone like Taylor in your life to remind you of this!