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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I DON'T Love Thursday

So in light of all my ranting this week I thought I would just continue this little griping session I’ve got going on –I’m taking lessons from these ladies, and just letting it all out.
So for starters, last nights workout, I’m not really sure, I did something like 10 min on the elliptical and then my right foot cramped up so bad that I had to get off the thing and sit on the floor massaging my foot for like 5 min – hello dehydration! Talk about embarrassing (But then I did finish with another 40 min so I’m guessing I did something like 50ish minutes).
Then Grover (my garmin) froze! Are you kidding me?!? It was stuck on 7:39….I was totally miffed. Thankfully I had the brains about me to look on line for help and it suggested (right out of a page of the owner’s manual- brilliant!) that I reset it, duh! That’s what I wanted to do all along, guess I just need to try 4 billion different ways before I finally looked online (good news though, Grover has been resuscitated and is up and working for Sunday!)
After the elliptical I got on the bike and I’m pedaling away and have been for like 5 or so minutes and then I look down and my bike says my workout is paused, yet I’m just pedaling away….seriously! I moved bikes.
Then my ipod got stuck in some weird thing where it was only playing 3 songs in a row….good grief can’t a girl catch a break here!
So then I ended the night by eating at one of my favorite Mexican food places (not so favorite anymore!) and before I even got out of the parking lot I had reflux so bad I would have rather walked into oncoming traffic- score!
Oh, and now Lisa wants to only run the 10K this weekend – boo!!!

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