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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tempo Schmempo

Good news! I didn’t die on my tempo run last night. Bad news, I’m not so sure I really did a tempo run, who even really knows? I think I should probably figure this out at some point. But last night I just went with what felt right. In all reality I did do some form of tempo run (though probably not the traditional type). I did not however make it to 5 miles, this being a combination of some knee pain and just plain wearing myself out.

I made the bad decision to wear heels at work yesterday, normally this would not be a problem but of course my boss had me running all over campus yesterday – my calves and the balls of my feet did not appreciate me at all.

So I knew my run was going to be interesting to say the least.
Let’s just break down what happened last night and you can decide for yourself if it can be called a tempo run or not:

I went out too fast (likely story, I’m so bad at this!) and instead of sticking with a 12:40ish pace to warm up I actually did mile 1 in 12:15 ß oops!
My knee was feeling ok (I broke out the new shoes!) but not 100% so I still had to stop roughly every half mile to let it work itself out. Then I would pick back up again.

Mile 2 was done in 12:05 ßoops again! Although there was a walk break or two in there. At this point I considered turning around because I was frustrated that my “plan” was unraveling. But the weather was so nice for once and I didn’t want to waste that.
Mile 3 I decided to head for home since I was about a mile out. I started out with an uphill sprint ßwhy do I love this so much? I did mile 3 in 11:50!
I have found a pretty good rhythm by now and my knee is actually doing ok. I have noticed though that the faster I go, the less my knee hurts. This seems really weird to me. Is this weird to anyone else?

I just wish I could maintain that faster pace at all times and NOT feel like running into traffic, but I’m working on that.
Mile 4 was done at a 10:50 pace ß wow! (for me people)

So yes, I did walk and I DID turn Grover off every time I did. Maybe this is cheating, maybe not. I attempted to keep each walk break to either less than 5 minutes or less than .25 miles, but I did not pay that close attention.

But regardless of what this workout actually really was, I was proud of it and I felt good when I got done. My legs were pretty sore and my arches were killing me when I got done (thank you high-heels!) and consequently I didn’t sleep very well. I did ice my knee for half an hour and wore my compression sleeves for a while, but I think I learned my lesson – I’d rather go run than experience the pain of trying to be cute at work!

And P.S.

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