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Monday, June 13, 2011

So today starts a new 6 week training cycle for me (and Lisa). The past 6 weeks was slightly a fail. I started out great and for 8 days did really well, I felt strong and I had 2 really great races. I also learned a lot about my food and nutrition and what works and what doesn’t. It was successful in many ways, but also not so successful. I realized very quickly on Sunday just how much I hurt myself by not following through with my training and falling off on the nutrition for the past couple of weeks. But that’s ok because it’s all a learning experience!
So now we are starting over and we have new found encouragement (swimsuits and L.A.!) and we have a new motivation – paying the piper!!
This next 6 weeks will be challenging because of the heat here in Texas so I tried to add a few more gym days and cross-training at the gym.  We also don’t have any major races, only a 10K at the end of this 6-week cycle so I’ve added more strength training as well. I’m really excited about the strength training and core work that we will be doing and the fewer miles we will be logging. 
My goals for the next 6-weeks:
Fewer miles but of much better quality – I know this sounds odd, how can you have more quality miles? But I would really like to focus on being strong, not fast! I know the horror, who would have ever thought I would say I don’t want to be fast (maybe because I finally faced the facts and realized I’m NOT fast). But I want my runs to leave me feeling empowered, not worn out, the heat will do enough of that for me, I don’t need to torture my body!
Strength training- this is so important for taking care of my joints, I really need to be so much better about this! Plus it won’t hurt to see the nice results it brings too!
So here’s week 1:
Sunday: 10k race
Monday: gym for 60 bike and 30 min swim
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: run 4 miles easy (12:49 pace)
Thursday: gym for elliptical for 45 min, bike for 20 min, yoga for 60 min
Friday: gym for 60 min cardio of choice, 30 mins weights, 15 min abs
Saturday: run 4 miles easy (12:49 pace)
Total miles: 14        Total minutes of cross training: 260

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