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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Silver Boot

Workout last night: Ran 4.5 miles with Michelle. Really, really slow, and lots of pain in my left knee.

The plan was to do 5 miles at a 12:49 pace, and as you can see that did not happen. Let’s see, what excuses would you like to hear? For starters we ran at a place we have never run before called Town Lake, and let’s just say I won’t be running there again! It was a very short trail and we had to go around 3 times just to get the 4.5 miles; boooooooooring! Plus, it was really crowded. Excuse number two would be that my left knee hurt so badly! What is that? No idea! This is the second run in a row that it just killed me. I thought on Saturday it was just because the trail was so hilly but last night there were no hills and it was so painful I had to stop every half mile. So in other words, my workout last night became a really bad fartlek workout! (Seriously now, is there not a better word than that?). Anyways, I guess I need to get this figured out because I’m not willing to stop running and take it easy just when I get training momentum but I can’t continue running like this either for fear of doing worse damage and for the shear purpose that it hurts!
There are two things that Michelle and I discussed during our run last night and I would greatly appreciate some input from my readers:
1.       We (I more specifically) find the first 2 miles of any run to be absolutely horrible and terribly painful and dreadful. Is this just me or does that happen to other people? Once I hit 2-2.5 miles I feel ok and seem to pick up my pace and not experience pain and fatigue the way I feel it through those first 2 miles. I’m not sure if my body just takes a long time to get working or if this is something rather normal. But whatever the case, it’s quiet annoying, especially on a 5 mile run, you spend half of it absolutely hating your life and cursing your legs. Is this just me?
2.       I know the heat is affecting me and my mile times, and I am trying to give myself a break here, however, I feel like our mile times should not be dropping as much as they have. Last fall and winter we were training around 11:40-12:40 paces for our first half marathon in April. (I even ran a 15K in an 11:30 pace which I was unbelievably proud of and still am). But now our times are sitting at 12:40-13:50 (shocking I know that one can go so slow!), what gives? Would the heat really cause this much of a difference? I’m not beating myself up over this, although it is discouraging, I’m just curious if this is normal or not? Help!
So after running last night I went home and ate second dinner (love spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread night!) and iced my poor knee. (sidenote on the knee issue, it ONLY hurts while running, not at other times throughout the day, so my next plan of action is to try my new shoes….)
Tonight I will be here

watching the Ranger’s destroy the Houston Astros and enjoying a day of rest. I seriously hate greatly dislike the Astros, so it’s always a pleasure to see them loose! The silver boot belongs in Dallas, NOT H-town people.


Randee and Angie said...

Thoughts on your knee...I've had off an on knee issues. A few things that have helped.

1. Good shoes! They can't be too wide in the toe box or my knee hurts. I don't know why, but it's true!

2. Try a patella band. They are pretty cheap at the drug store and work great.

3. ICE often!

4. Strength training.

With a change of shoes and strength training I have not had to wear my patella band or ice recently. Right around our last half my knee was killing me after just 2 miles.

Tricia said...

I pretty much hate the first 3 miles of any run. I spend the entire 3 miles convincing myself to suck it up and keep going. After that I love it, but man its tough sometimes to get through the beginning.