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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day?

Today, June 1st is National Running day – I don’t even know what that means! Like, is everyone supposed to go out and run today? Or do people have to run everywhere instead of walk or drive or ride the train, bus, etc.? Or is it to celebrate those people that are runners (you know, like President’s Day, where we celebrate president’s apparently) and if so then does that mean those people that are runners get a special holiday? And are they supposed to NOT run in honor of national running day by taking the day off? I’m so confused, what does this mean!?! I don’t know. Who really cares anyways? I mean it’s not like we get the day off of work or anything (even though that would be brilliant – making it a day off so people could go run). And who decides this stuff anyways, like what makes this National Running Day instead of something else? Maybe it was Kenneth Cooper, or Hal Higdon, or probably Jeff Galloway, or that Yasso guy, whoever he is…. Anyways, I’m NOT running today in HONOR of National Running Day! But I probably will sign up for a race today, apparently you get discounts or something because it’s running day, works for me!
So for a little recap of last night: it was Hot! That is all.
Kidding, not about the hot part, but about the all part, of course it’s not all – I am in no way a girl of few words. So moving right along, Lisa agreed to run hills (yay!) with me last night. I wore my cute new top and my new road id (more on that tomorrow).

We headed over to our hill spot and parked. After much discussion (I told you, not a girl of few words!) Lisa said let’s do the hills first and get that over with THEN our 3 mile run. Like I should really listen to someone who throws their gum out the window and proceeds to get it stuck ON their window! Lesson learned!

Well we did our hills alright- 4 sets – but that was all we did. End of story.  Alright, alright, we jogged to and from the hill for a grand total of 1 whole mile for the evening! Job well done my friends. Oh I definitely need to add that the mile was done in 10:19, double score! However, if you were to base our workout attempt based upon the amount of sweat we produced then we most definitely ran at least a 10K, maybe more, so that’s good news. Even more good news is I have a half marathon in 11 days and my plan to rest, rest, run a mile, rest and more rest is working really well, no complaints here. If only…..
I should probably just stop right there because if I go any further with this conversation I might start pounding on my keyboard again. I joke, but only to hide my utter disdain for my lack of training efforts. I’m not like this – I don’t blow things off, especially something as personal to me as this. So what the crap is wrong with me?!? I have no idea, but I hope I can figure it out soon because I’m driving myself nuts. (And do I dare even tell you that I fell off the No Dr. Pepper bandwagon yesterday? Probably not – but after over 3 months without one….well I cannot lie, it was heavenly and blissful and oh so wonderful, and since I’m still not lying I’ve even considering another one. But shame on me! I know better!)
So I am still using glancing at ignoring my 6 week training plan, it ends the day before my next half. I will make another 6 week plan, however, I’m making JUNE GOALS for myself.

Focus on core and abs strengthening workouts (it can only be 10 min a day, just do something!)
Focus on more weight training. (Since it’s so hot here, I will be spending a lot of time at the gym. And since I don’t have any runs planned until late August this would be a good time to work on the toning and strength training I really want to work on.)
Be more consistent.
Continue to eat healthy and try to experiment more with new foods.
LOTS of H2O.

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