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Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s Friday! Yay! Last night I had on the schedule a yoga class, but we were moving a bunch of furniture in and out and all around in our house last night so I have rescheduled yoga for a Pilate’s class on Saturday. Now, for the furniture moving – nothing went as planned, and that about sums it up. 
I’ll try to make the story short, but we all know that’s a tough thing for me to do. First off, mom and I bought a new couch, chair, coffee table, ottoman and rug (well Mom bought them, I approved). I was also going to be receiving a couch from Nanna, and then I had a piece of furniture (this horribly awkward, unbelievably heavy and yet so wonderful book shelf/cabinet that my great-grandfather made) at Dad’s house that was going to be moved over in hopes of putting it in my room.
We first had to move the old stuff out of the living room. So my mom asked if her brother could come over and help us move things. My uncle and cousin gladly (?) agreed to help. The original plan was to put both couches (newly purchased and one from Nanna) along with the chair, coffee table and ottoman in the living area and the big book shelf in my room. Well we got the old stuff out and the first couch and chair in and then we quickly realized the couch that was on its way from Nanna’s just was not going to fit! No big deal, we will rearrange and just keep it in the garage.
But then it came time to take that beast of a shelf up to my room. Now mind you, my cousin is freakishly strong, and my uncle, well my cousin had to get it from somewhere… But that darn thing was just so awkward that there was no way it was going up the stairs and down the hall and into the bedroom. I was so bummed! So that meant, it was also going to the garage. So the garage had to be rearranged. And now I had a huge empty spot in my room and nothing to put there. Luckily there was a piece of furniture in my sister’s old room and even though it doesn’t totally match my room it fit and gave me some good storage space.

Five For Friday:
1.       I find it totally laughable that when reading other people’s blogs they talk about how hot the weather is where they are and how summer has arrived and that their runs are getting harder and then they say, “it was like 79 degrees!”  Ha! Laughable I tell you, laughable! No wonder everyone is faster than I am, I am apparently training in the freaking Sahara Desert! And anyone who reads this blog and thinks that 79 is hot, summer weather, please be my guest and come visit Texas, I’ll even let you stay with me in my heavily air-conditioned house (with new furniture!). I dare you!

2.      Sunday is my sweet Nanna’s birthday. She will be 56 again this year and doesn’t look a day over 29! Tonight we are celebrating with her. This woman is one of the most amazing women I know! She is smart, beautiful, a hard worker, fun, generous and the best grandmother anyone could ask for. I have no idea where I would be in my life if it weren’t for her. She has provided me with so many amazing opportunities for my sisters, cousins and I and she has been there to support us in the good times and cheer with us when we have succeeded at everything and been a rock and steady comfort when we needed it the most. I am so thankful for her in my life and love her dearly.

3.      I cannot wait for next weekend when Middle Sister, B(f)IL #1, and their friend Turner come in town. We are going to have an awesome holiday weekend full of Rangers games, family meals and get-together’s and pool time. I love my sisters and wish I was able to spend more time with them. I will miss Little Sister and B(f)IL #2 because she just got a new job and has to work.
4.      Saturday night I have concert tickets for a Throwback to the 80’s concert with tribute bands for Queen, Van Halen, Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC. They were only $5! SCORE!!!!
5.      I’m hesitant to put this out there because once it’s in writing it’s hard to go back BUT, I am seriously entertaining the idea of doing the FULL Marathon at Rock ‘N Roll Dallas in March. It just so happens to be on my birthday and it just so happens I’ll be turning 26.
26 for 26 anyone?
Then plan has been to do the full in September 2012 in Hawaii (gotta go big people!). But I’m very tempted to participate in the irony of this event. I have been doing some MAJOR research on training plans and trying to figure out how it would fit into my winter training and just how much my body will be able to handle. It fits perfectly into my time frame actually, so now it’s just time to do some major soul searching. I would more than likely be training alone on this so that’s another big factor. Thoughts anyone?

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Sean and Rain Gowens said...

Your room looks great! I think you should do the whole marathon! If you can find the time to do the training it would be totally worth it. Maybe you can find a running group to do your long runs with on the weekend??? Have a great weekend!

Sean and Rain Gowens said...

I am only fast because I have never ran over 6.2 miles! As I start increasing my mileage I will surely slow down. I pretty much just run fast to get it over with :)