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Friday, June 10, 2011

Five For Friday

Only because I am lazy and have no imagination today, and because you guys (all 7 of you…seriously, where can I find more followers!?) probably are already on to weekend time and don’t really want to read a lot, so here goes:
1.       Unless otherwise FORCED (and by forced I mean literally drug through the course) to run the half on Sunday, I will be switching my entry to the 10k, weak I know, but I have my reasons, and I blame Lisa!
2.       I’m ok with that decision! And that’s a good thing!
3.       Mom is picking me up at my office and we are hitting up the GIANT Tuesday Morning for a big sale they are supposedly having – this might not be a very good idea.
4.       The Dallas Mavericks are awesome!

5.       Lisa just sent me this by email… that considered blackmail?

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