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Monday, June 20, 2011

All the Single Ladies

Wanted for Friday night workouts.
What?! You have dates? Parties? Concerts? Alright, well you’re missing out!
As you can see, life is exciting on a Friday night over here in unlikely running world. Lisa had a softball game (at least she does something interesting) so I went and watched and chatted it up with another observer. Then it was time to hit up the gym and the lovely hour of 9:30. I started a new circuit training workout
Workout #1
§   Single leg squats with bicep curl                                             15+ reps each leg
§   Alternating lunge with shoulder press                                30 reps
§   Shoulder fly’s                                                                                         15+ reps
§   Pushups                                                                                                     15+ reps
§   Plank                                                                                                            30+ seconds
§   Bicycle crunches                                                                                 30+ reps
*repeat the whole cycle 4 times
And proceeded to kick my own butt.

 I then took it easy with an incline walk on the treadmill since I’d be running the next morning. After that we hit up the local Wal-Mart where all the other lowlife’s people too interesting for Friday night plans go and hang. It was a late night and I knew that Saturday morning’s alarm would come way too early!

Saturday I woke up at 5 because I had plans to run with my cousin Sophie at 6:30 (yeah I like to give myself lots of time to wake up and eat and hydrate, plus she lives 30 min away). Sophie just graduated from high school and recently just lost 100lbs – I’m soooooo proud of her! That is so unbelievably incredible! And now she wants to take up running and hopefully do a half marathon this winter. So I am beyond excited to help her out and run with her when we can. We were going to do a slow and easy 4 miles at her pace. We went to this park in Plano called Arbor Hills and well, the hills part was literal! Not a great place to start your running endeavors, nor a great place to run after lifting weights and working out 4 straight days. But despite all that, it was a great place to run and at 6:45 it wasn’t too busy. Sophie did awesome and even kicked my butt (I’ll blame it on the late-night weight lifting), I can’t wait to run with her again!

After running (which killed my left knee thanks to all the hills) I went home, showered and iced. Then at 10:30 mom and I had a Pilate’s class we were going to. Is it possible to have your butt handed to you twice before noon?  I knew, without a doubt I was going to be experiencing some delayed onset muscle soreness in the near future for the first time in a long time! Lunch was my favorite Mexican food place in Allen. Then it was off to the pool with Lisa for the afternoon.
Sunday morning was supposed to start with an hour long bike ride but that DOMS arrived and I couldn’t get out of bed, at least not comfortably. Just walking my dogs I felt like I had been hit with an 18-wheeler about 10 times. Holy smokes I hadn’t been that sore in so long! So I got right back in bed with eggs and advil. And I just might have stayed there until 2:30 when I had to meet my dad at the pool. I spent the afternoon hanging out at the pool with dad, buying books for our Disney World trip and eating dinner. It was a great Father’s Day.
Later that night I went to the gym and did another circuit workout
Workout #2
§   Total Package                                                                                                                20 reps
§   Bent Over Rows                                                                                                            15+ reps
§   Bent Over Kickbacks                                                                                                 15+ reps
§   Dead- lifts to calf-raise                                                                                            15+ reps
§   Long-arm crunch                                                                                                         15+ reps
*repeat the whole cycle 4 times
and then the elliptical for 30 minutes in an effort to try and break up some of that lactic acid build up – best idea all weekend!
So week 1 recap of the workout plan?
I did all scheduled workouts (even if it wasn’t EXACTLY the workout planned, it was a close variation of the plan).
I LOVE adding weight training to my routine – I’ve been talking about this for a while and it’s so good to finally get it in there, even if I am experiencing soreness like crazy, it’s a good sore!
I feel stronger already. This is probably all in my head but who cares!
This week on the plan:
Monday: Run 5 miles easy
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Run 5 miles tempo run (1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 11:09 pace, 1 mile cool down)
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Cardio and weight lifting
Saturday: Run 6 miles easy, gym for weights and abs


Sean and Rain Gowens said...

WOW! You are seriously doing some workouts! Good for you! Hope you have a great week!

Randee and Angie said...

Wow! You did kick your own butt!

Tricia said...

I was in the gym friday night, came home and told my husband "wow, it was empty in there" and then he reminded me that most peopls idea of a fun friday night doesnt involve running. :)

montanna said...

Really most programs should try and accomplish this. For this reason I really don’t like the term core training. We really build all of our programs to include core training and core movements. No matter what your goal is you will incorporate core workout.