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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The One With Major Impressive Points

Tuesday night I met up with Michelle to do about 4 miles and hill repeats in. I just have to say, I am totally impressed with Michelle, she has 5 kids who are all actively involved in some athletic endeavor at all times and she is still in pain from her pulled muscle, yet she still finds time to come and run with me (and keep up after not running for so long!), major impressive point from me! So we went out on our “new” normal route
 [Small tangent here: how often do you switch up your running routes? Or do you? Honestly I never thought I would ever stick with running enough to hear myself say, “Well I was just so tired of this one route….” Major impressive points for myself here!]
And did about 2 miles to start with. I was really working on keeping a fairly decent pace to avoid knee pain, but also not trying to kill Michelle. Mile 1 went by with minimal pain and was done at about a 12:20 pace. We walked for just a little bit (maybe 2 min) then set out. Half way through mile 2 my knee hurt so I walked for about a minute and then kept going. I picked up the pace a bit because I knew at the end of mile 2 I would be taking a break and doing my hill repeats. Mile 2 was done in 11:50. We walked around for a bit, cooled down and found a water fountain. Then it was time for 4 hill repeats. I still have no idea why I like these so much.
[Another small tangent: if I could go back in time and do one, or a few things differently, I would have joined a track team and run sprints. I really think sprints are totally my things. I have huge thighs, yes huge; they are really strong and have lots of power. I could have totally gone somewhere with that….]
Anyways, this was a new hill for me to sprint up and it had a few curves but over all I think I liked it. We did 4 sprints each totaling a tenth of a mile (not sure the times on these, roughly 40-50 seconds I think though). Once done we walked back to the water fountain to get one last drink and then set off for the 1 mile home. I was feeling great and the run and sprints had gone really well. So I knew I wanted to hit the pavement hard coming home. I did the last mile in 10:40 (or somewhere in these here whereabouts).
We totaled out at the night with 3.5 miles in 38 min with 4 hill repeats and 2 walk breaks (not counting the breaks between, before and after the sprints), that’s some major impressive points if you ask me!!! This run felt amazing. I felt strong, I had great speed, but not too much, I accomplished everything I had wanted to accomplish and I got a great workout in! It was a huge confidence booster for me because lately my runs have felt horrible, painful and just plain annoying! I know there will be many more good runs and many more bad runs, but I just love celebrating the good ones. The confidence you get from one good run can sometimes carry me through several days of workouts.
I have no idea what’s in store for tonight; I’m not feeling well and haven’t slept well the past couple of nights. But I have my first ever track workout on the agenda for this evening, which makes me really excited. And since I haven’t been doing too many miles I’m thinking I can muster up the strength for a quick workout. I have no expectations of myself except to have fun!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The one where I talk about my shins

The last time I pretended to call myself a runner was my freshman year of college. I was on a college campus with a gym and had an amazing daily schedule that allowed me the freedom to spend a couple hours each afternoon in the gym in peace and quiet. This was also the last time I remember being at my healthiest and happiest weight and all over healthy mind and body. I researched running plans with the idea that I wanted to run a half marathon and finally be able to call myself a runner. I found a good plan and set out on the treadmill…. There are two key mistakes I made that I wish I could go back and tell that ambitious freshman in college: first of all I made the mistake of logging all my miles on the treadmill because I was too afraid to run in an unfamiliar town and wouldn’t know where I was or how far I had gone. And secondly, I chose poor running shoes; I had no idea what I was doing. Both of those led me to a very painful overuse injury called Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis.

Being the type of person that I am, I pushed through the pain thinking it was just shin splints and that eventually my body would get used to me running and be fine. However, it got to the point where it hurt so badly, I could barely walk across campus to class, let alone run at all. I got very discouraged and hung up my running shoes. Over the years I kind of tried to run again, but always let any type of shin pain scare me and just never fully embraced it and took care of it.
Now let’s talk about nine months ago when this journey to call myself a runner truly began; I knew I needed something in my current state of distress to get me from point A to point B, so running the YMCA 8M Turkey Trot became my goal. I honestly never thought I would stick with it past the class. But God knew things I didn’t know, as always. Once again I was nervous about my shins but just told myself I would be diligent with icing them and pray that I could make it. Miraculously, I never once experienced any shin pain at all, I did have some knee pain but that was quickly fixed with new shoes and orthotics. I can’t really explain it, except that God gave me healing in my shins because I needed running in my life to heal bigger things.
Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and my anterior Tibialis has been acting up again. Thankfully, though it is only my right shin this time, it’s minor pain and I’m a smarter runner (did you see that, I called myself a runner, no pretending anymore!).  So what am I doing about it this time?
This time, thanks to countless hours of anatomy classes, my personal training days and my degree I have a better understanding of what EXACTLY is causing this type of pain. First of all, tendonitis stems from overuse. And secondly, I pronate my right foot. This is something I have known for a couple of years and although it really doesn’t affect me that much, it can cause problems with training, clearly. So that means I do a LOT of single leg squats! Not only is that a good exercise to strengthen all my leg muscles, it’s a great way to force my muscles to work together in the PROPER way.  I also listen to my body (no more high heels!!). And I have become hard core about the icing after each run, whether it hurts or not. And lastly, foam rolling. This is something that I have been neglecting and I am reminded that it needs to be done. I have to care for my muscles if I want them to take care of me.
So why have I told you this whole long story? Honestly, I have no idea! But I guess for me what I get out of it, is once again, our bodies are so much more precious than we make them. We only have one body to live in, yet we abuse it all the time. We can’t replace it in a few years, we can’t trade it in for a newer model and we certainly don’t get any do overs. I chose my major of kinesiology for many reason (job security and making money were definitely not one of them!) but the main reason would be this: no matter what else in this life goes, changes, comes, breaks down, your body is yours and yours alone to live with.
 It’s not a house you can move in and out of. It’s not a car that you can have things replaced in (I know you can thanks to technology but that’s not the point here).  And it’s most certainly not something that someone else can own. In 20 years, technology could fail us; in 30 years cars could be obsolete; in 50 years we could all have access to Mars, but the one thing that will never change is the body you live in. Sure, healthcare is incredible and research is being done all the time (I know, I live that every day) but that doesn’t mean you have the right to violate the one, most precious gift that God has given you.
Ok, stepping down from my soap box now….I will leave you with this, your body is so much more amazing than you can ever imagine and it communicates with you all the time, so just listen.

Go check out the new tab that I added at the top of my page that involves all my training workouts!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up (part 2) also known as my camera threw up on my computer!

Warning: photo dump may have occurred on this post!
Saturday night Lisa and I went to a Tribute Band concert where there were tribute bands for Queen, Van Halen, Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC. We stayed and watched the first three and just enjoyed kicking back and listening to some good music. We might have even attempted and failed at a few self portraits. We also saw some pretty crazy people, but I won’t (probably can’t) subject you to that.

Sunday afternoon we sweated it out at the Rangers game- talk about a hot day!!!

And we may have a thrown a little workout in at the end of the day ßseriously no idea how this was accomplished, but it happened! That's all, you may now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Weekend Wrap-Up (Part 1) also known as, How much angel food cake can you eat? and how many runs can you ruin?

Friday night:
I took the night off from working out and went and had dinner with my family to celebrate Nanna’s birthday. We went to dinner at BJ’s Brewery where I had a huge salad with a side of crazy photos.

 My cousin Jackson was in town and had just gotten back from two weeks at camp, it definitely made for some great stories! After that we hung out by the pool in my Dad’s neighborhood and then had angel food cake with strawberries. I just might have eaten half of the angel food cake…. All I can say is there were no leftovers!
Saturday Morning:

I had intended to get up and run around 6 that morning, but my body was having none of that. So instead I got up a little after 7 and after taking my time getting myself together I headed out for a 6 mile run about 7:45. I wore my compression sleeves because my legs were feeling a bit tired and I had never run with them before and wanted to see if it made a difference.

The weather was surprisingly cooler (like high 70’s instead of 80’s) and kind of overcast, so it felt wonderful. I set out too fast of course, but sadly the faster speed doesn’t hurt my knee (I don’t understand this!!).  It was a pretty tough run, mentally for me. I was by myself and 6 miles was the most I had ever gone by myself. But because of my increased speed I would get winded easily and have to walk more frequently. Half way through I felt really discouraged and didn’t know if I was going to make it home. But I just did an about face with the mental thinking and made myself think otherwise. I did accomplish my 6 miles, although it was not the way I had planned for them to happen. Overall I did a total of about 7.5 miles in 1:40. The running portion was 6 miles in 1:14. Overall I was happy that I did it, even if it didn’t go as planned.
*Goal for this week is to not walk as much and find a happy medium pace between killing myself and not hurting my knee.
It took me longer than I thought to do this run so I didn’t go to Pilate’s class. Instead I took it easy, iced and let my body recover.
More to follow....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Check out the giveaway!

Check out this fabulous giveaway from Runninghood. And take a moment to check out her adorable kids too, so precious!! And thanks Amanda for all your encouragement!

I quit!

Let it be know that I will be joining a 12-step process because of my unhealthy addiction to these things:

I'm telling you, bloggy world so that I can be held accountable! I had my last one last night and it was so wonderful. But I cannot do it anymore. They are amazing, yes. They taste so good, yes. But I cannot let them control my life anymore. I've tried to limit them. I've tried to balance them. But unfortunately my reality has become all or none, so I choose none.
I hate the way  they make me feel. I hate their hold over me. I hate that I can't just have one. I hate that it has come to this. But I know my limits and I know where I am weak. So they best thing is to simply remove them from my life (again).
I know I am capable. I've done it twice before. Once lasting 8 months. This past time 3 and a half months. This time, it's for good. I'm moving on. I value my health more than simple pleasure for the moment. I value my sanity and the control I must exhibit over my life. So I'm taking my life back and I'm saying goodbye. Never to look back.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s Friday! Yay! Last night I had on the schedule a yoga class, but we were moving a bunch of furniture in and out and all around in our house last night so I have rescheduled yoga for a Pilate’s class on Saturday. Now, for the furniture moving – nothing went as planned, and that about sums it up. 
I’ll try to make the story short, but we all know that’s a tough thing for me to do. First off, mom and I bought a new couch, chair, coffee table, ottoman and rug (well Mom bought them, I approved). I was also going to be receiving a couch from Nanna, and then I had a piece of furniture (this horribly awkward, unbelievably heavy and yet so wonderful book shelf/cabinet that my great-grandfather made) at Dad’s house that was going to be moved over in hopes of putting it in my room.
We first had to move the old stuff out of the living room. So my mom asked if her brother could come over and help us move things. My uncle and cousin gladly (?) agreed to help. The original plan was to put both couches (newly purchased and one from Nanna) along with the chair, coffee table and ottoman in the living area and the big book shelf in my room. Well we got the old stuff out and the first couch and chair in and then we quickly realized the couch that was on its way from Nanna’s just was not going to fit! No big deal, we will rearrange and just keep it in the garage.
But then it came time to take that beast of a shelf up to my room. Now mind you, my cousin is freakishly strong, and my uncle, well my cousin had to get it from somewhere… But that darn thing was just so awkward that there was no way it was going up the stairs and down the hall and into the bedroom. I was so bummed! So that meant, it was also going to the garage. So the garage had to be rearranged. And now I had a huge empty spot in my room and nothing to put there. Luckily there was a piece of furniture in my sister’s old room and even though it doesn’t totally match my room it fit and gave me some good storage space.

Five For Friday:
1.       I find it totally laughable that when reading other people’s blogs they talk about how hot the weather is where they are and how summer has arrived and that their runs are getting harder and then they say, “it was like 79 degrees!”  Ha! Laughable I tell you, laughable! No wonder everyone is faster than I am, I am apparently training in the freaking Sahara Desert! And anyone who reads this blog and thinks that 79 is hot, summer weather, please be my guest and come visit Texas, I’ll even let you stay with me in my heavily air-conditioned house (with new furniture!). I dare you!

2.      Sunday is my sweet Nanna’s birthday. She will be 56 again this year and doesn’t look a day over 29! Tonight we are celebrating with her. This woman is one of the most amazing women I know! She is smart, beautiful, a hard worker, fun, generous and the best grandmother anyone could ask for. I have no idea where I would be in my life if it weren’t for her. She has provided me with so many amazing opportunities for my sisters, cousins and I and she has been there to support us in the good times and cheer with us when we have succeeded at everything and been a rock and steady comfort when we needed it the most. I am so thankful for her in my life and love her dearly.

3.      I cannot wait for next weekend when Middle Sister, B(f)IL #1, and their friend Turner come in town. We are going to have an awesome holiday weekend full of Rangers games, family meals and get-together’s and pool time. I love my sisters and wish I was able to spend more time with them. I will miss Little Sister and B(f)IL #2 because she just got a new job and has to work.
4.      Saturday night I have concert tickets for a Throwback to the 80’s concert with tribute bands for Queen, Van Halen, Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC. They were only $5! SCORE!!!!
5.      I’m hesitant to put this out there because once it’s in writing it’s hard to go back BUT, I am seriously entertaining the idea of doing the FULL Marathon at Rock ‘N Roll Dallas in March. It just so happens to be on my birthday and it just so happens I’ll be turning 26.
26 for 26 anyone?
Then plan has been to do the full in September 2012 in Hawaii (gotta go big people!). But I’m very tempted to participate in the irony of this event. I have been doing some MAJOR research on training plans and trying to figure out how it would fit into my winter training and just how much my body will be able to handle. It fits perfectly into my time frame actually, so now it’s just time to do some major soul searching. I would more than likely be training alone on this so that’s another big factor. Thoughts anyone?

And go check out this giveaway! And take a moment to check  out the Hungry Runner, she will make you laugh!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tempo Schmempo

Good news! I didn’t die on my tempo run last night. Bad news, I’m not so sure I really did a tempo run, who even really knows? I think I should probably figure this out at some point. But last night I just went with what felt right. In all reality I did do some form of tempo run (though probably not the traditional type). I did not however make it to 5 miles, this being a combination of some knee pain and just plain wearing myself out.

I made the bad decision to wear heels at work yesterday, normally this would not be a problem but of course my boss had me running all over campus yesterday – my calves and the balls of my feet did not appreciate me at all.

So I knew my run was going to be interesting to say the least.
Let’s just break down what happened last night and you can decide for yourself if it can be called a tempo run or not:

I went out too fast (likely story, I’m so bad at this!) and instead of sticking with a 12:40ish pace to warm up I actually did mile 1 in 12:15 ß oops!
My knee was feeling ok (I broke out the new shoes!) but not 100% so I still had to stop roughly every half mile to let it work itself out. Then I would pick back up again.

Mile 2 was done in 12:05 ßoops again! Although there was a walk break or two in there. At this point I considered turning around because I was frustrated that my “plan” was unraveling. But the weather was so nice for once and I didn’t want to waste that.
Mile 3 I decided to head for home since I was about a mile out. I started out with an uphill sprint ßwhy do I love this so much? I did mile 3 in 11:50!
I have found a pretty good rhythm by now and my knee is actually doing ok. I have noticed though that the faster I go, the less my knee hurts. This seems really weird to me. Is this weird to anyone else?

I just wish I could maintain that faster pace at all times and NOT feel like running into traffic, but I’m working on that.
Mile 4 was done at a 10:50 pace ß wow! (for me people)

So yes, I did walk and I DID turn Grover off every time I did. Maybe this is cheating, maybe not. I attempted to keep each walk break to either less than 5 minutes or less than .25 miles, but I did not pay that close attention.

But regardless of what this workout actually really was, I was proud of it and I felt good when I got done. My legs were pretty sore and my arches were killing me when I got done (thank you high-heels!) and consequently I didn’t sleep very well. I did ice my knee for half an hour and wore my compression sleeves for a while, but I think I learned my lesson – I’d rather go run than experience the pain of trying to be cute at work!

And P.S.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I wear my sunglasses at night

Last night at the Ranger's game they were giving away sunglass.... Apparently they were trying to set some sort of world record for most people wearing sunglass in the dark. Weird!

that sweaty, disgusting shine on my face comes free of charge people!
Even G-Dubs was in on the action.
Ian Kinsler, however was not. That's ok he's still hot!

It was a great game that went into extra innings!

We won with a walk off homerun from Moreland - which I totally called! (Lisa as my witness)
Not sure if we made into the Guinness Book of World Records or not. But I do have some super awesome sun shades now!

And for an added bonus, please enjoy this lovely text exchange between Lisa and I:
you're on your own with that one people.

Have a happy Wednesday!
First tempo run in the heat tonight, hopefully I don't die.