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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

For a quick weekend recap: I took naps – several of them in fact. So why in the world am I still tired? Anyways, Friday night brought a lovely thunderstorm to our area and as much as I love running in the rain and really, really wanted to Lisa wouldn’t allow it. So I drug her to the gym instead for some good old fashioned running on the dreadmill. Dallas has apparently become the new Houston and the humidity has been about 5000% lately so even at the gym I was sweating like a crazy person – seriously, how in the world can that be lady-like? No wonder I’m single! This picture does not do the sweat justice!
I pounded out 3.86 miles of actual running (4 miles total) and I sprinted out the last half mile by increasing my speed every tenth of a mile – wowzer! Then I hit up the bike for a 20 min cool down. Good thing I was closing down the gym that night because I would hate for someone to have had to get on that bike after me!

After our gym date, Lisa and I hit up the taco stand and had some shrimp tacos, chips and queso and beers – the only reason we work out – so we can eat like that!
Saturday morning the local running club had a nice get-together/breakfast and it was good to meet new people and catch up with others I haven’t seen in a while. Then I went home and took a nap, for like 4 hours. Once I awoke from my hibernation I headed back to the gym for some much needed cross-training, 45 min on the elliptical and 30 on the bike. I promised myself that if I worked out I could have froyo so I hit up the froyo place and proceeded to eat them out of business.
Saturday night brought dinner at the coolest place in Dallas for a friend’s birthday – Ozanos Bar and Grill, totally my new favorite place! Sorry guys I don’t have pics – for one, I don’t have a decent camera, only my iphone and that’s just annoying all the time and secondly, my friends think I’m weird that I take pictures of everything – I still haven’t gotten the whole document your whole life for the blogosphere to see yet, I’m working on it!
Sunday morning instead of running the 9 miles I was supposed to I had a marathon session with my snooze button instead – oops!  After church and lunch with friends it was nap time again. Then mom and I went to see Bridesmaids – so funny! I proceeded to eat 10,000 calories of popcorn and soda but that’s ok, I didn’t eat dinner! After movies it was off to Wally World for the weekly shopping trip – aka buy as much produce as you can trip!
So here I am today, contemplating this past week’s workout (few and far between) and this upcoming week’s workouts….. I just need more hours in the day! So for last week, I ran 2 of the 4 days I was supposed to (8 of 22 miles) and went to the gym for 60 min of yoga (out of 60 planned) and did 90 min of the 220 I had planned for cross-training. So, not exactly an A+ on my training this week, but at least I did something, rather than nothing right? I’m at a dilemma point in my life (dilemma for me, maybe not to anyone else) but I would like to make that a whole post on its own. So for now we’ll just move on from last week’s workouts to what I have planned this week.
Monday – Run 5 with 5x20 sec strides. Gym for weights (I have a friend’s birthday tonight so I doubt that this will happen, actually I know it won’t!)
Tuesday – Off (Ranger’s game!)
Wednesday – Run 6 easy with 3 at HM pace
Thursday – Run 6 with hills. Yoga 60 min.
Friday – supposed to do cross-training and weights but I am moving this to Saturday again because of my deep love for Ranger’s baseball
Saturday – 10 miles easy. Gym work from Friday.
Sunday – Gym

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