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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Today I am totally in love with these cute little things. I love me some blueberries (only BLUE food I will eat)! In about 4.8 seconds flat that whole carton will be gone!

I am also loving this new workout tank that I just ordered. I couldn’t decided between the purple and black or the light/dark blue combo – so I DID NOT order both, though I wanted to, I went with BLUE since my eyes are blue. I figured that maybe it will bring more attention to my eyes when I workout instead of the disgusting amount of sweat I produce during a daily workout – we shall see!

And in keeping with the blue theme for the day this is my love for tonight!!!

That’s right; I will be here, watching these bad boys playing Game 2 of Round 3 of the NBA playoffs! Can’t get any better than that!!!!

Ok bloggy followers, I need some advice: I would really like to start adding more strength training into my workouts. I want to strengthen my muscles, especially the ones that don’t get used while running, and also provide good support for my joints. I am ashamed to even ask this question because I used to be a personal trainer myself, but what do I do?!?!? I want to know the best exercises to do so that I will get the most benefits without adding too much muscle – I already have tons of that, crazy genetics or something! But that muscle that I do have needs to be more lean and toned, I would like a little definition here people! So I need recommendations – what can I add to my weekly workouts that will help me improve my strength and tone yet not make me too sore on my off running days? What is the right amount of weight and reps to do?  Please and Thank You – I will take any advice!

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