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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you burger gods

This past weekend my little sister graduated from college – so very proud of her! Now we are all grown up. It’s weird to think we have all finally achieved this milestone in our lives, not that it was ever in doubt, ok, maybe a little. But for all of us to be able to say we graduated from college is huge in today’s world. And this weekend my cousin will graduate with her master’s degree in speech pathology – I love being among all these smart people! It truly makes me appreciate my family and the love that they show my sisters and me and for all the encouragement they have given us over the years. Thank you to all who have had a hand in our success! I wish I had more pictures of this weekend but I will have to get those from my mom later. But I do have this one of my sisters and I out celebrating LBK style!

Last night I was able to run with Michelle (yay!) She is still in pain and still limping around a bit but she’s a trooper and stuck with me for 2.8 miles. I had planned to do 4 but I was more than happy to adjust that to be able to run with Michelle – it’s been way too long! We started out really slow so that she could just ease in and stayed around a 12:30 pace. I managed to talk her ear off and hopefully helped her to keep her mind off of her limp and the pain (as I’m writing this it sounds as if I forced her to run even though she was in pain, which was not the case!). At 2.8 miles she decided to walk the rest of the way and I decided to run hard until we got back to the car. I ran the last .75 at about a 10:50 pace. It felt good to run after missing it for a week and it was even better to be able to run with Michelle!
After running I went to an hour of yoga at the gym and that kicked my butt! It was a good hard workout and I was still pumped up from running so I got a good sweat out of it as well. I have to say, I am rarely sore from yoga but I’m feeling the effects today! Thank you Ms. Yoga instructor!
After yoga it was time to hit up the new neighborhood In-N-Out Burger! That’s right, they came to north Texas!!! It opened last week and it has been a mad house up there. I was quite delusional and thought that surely at 9pm on a Monday night it might not be so bad – wrong!!!!  The drive thru was so horrendous they had a police officer to direct traffic and the line! Uh, ok! This is what the walk in line looked like –

crazy I know! But it didn’t take too long actually and once we were able to order it was super cheap!!! And they have really good sweet teaJ.

And for a burger rating – 12 out of 10! It was just that good! Best darn burger I have ever, ever had. Maybe it was the special sauce they put on it or maybe it was the giant onion they had in there or maybe it was just because I was so freakin’ hungry, I don’t know but it was amazing! If I didn’t have to stand in line again I would go back tonight! Now I know that I love my food, and there isn’t much I don’t like, AND maybe I’ve been known to exaggerate a bit but I am in love with this burger! Thank you burger gods for bringing us In-N-Out Burger!

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