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Monday, May 16, 2011

Race report and Training log update

First, an update on my training log –
Here is what I had scheduled for last week:
Sunday – 3.6 mile run in McKinney (goal to average a 12:30 pace) I think I destroyed that one! Also ran extra 3 miles at 11:30 pace.
Monday – run 3 miles easy. Elliptical for 45 min. I ran 3 miles hard at an 11:20 pace. Did not do elliptical.
Tuesday – run 4 miles easy. 4 miles at 11:55 pace, this was a great run. Elliptical 60 min.
Wednesday – off done
Thursday – elliptical 45 min. yoga 60 min. Elliptical 60 min, yoga 60 min.
Friday – rest done
Saturday – White Rock Centennial Half Marathon! Done – 2:50 finish (12:45 average pace)
Here is the plan for this week:
Sunday – rest or gym.
Monday – Run 3 easy. Yoga 60 min.
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – Run 4 with hills. Gym to cross train and upper body weights.
Thursday – Elliptical 45 min. (leaving town for Lubbock today)
Friday – Run 3 miles at Half Marathon pace (this is my WISH for a pace, so probably around 11:20 miles)
Saturday – run 6 miles easy
Now for my race report:
On Friday night I had a pasta dinner and laid all my race stuff out.

I wasn’t as nervous this time around and I think some of it attributed to the fact that it was on a Saturday so I wasn’t able to think about it as much. I also had done a run at White Rock before so I knew where we were going. Whatever the reasons were, I was much more relaxed and able to sleep well. I woke up Saturday morning and took my dogs out. The weather was beautiful and there was a slight breeze. I had half of a banana and then got ready. I had packed my pb&j on a sandwich thin along with another banana and GU chomps to have within the hour before running.

This was something new that I wanted to try and see if it helped me at all. My mom and I got to the race site around 7:15 and this was when I ate my pb&j. It was a long walk to the starting line, but it wasn’t too bad, just different. I had thought about joining a pace group since they were being offered and since I would be running solo. I found the 2:40 pacer that was supposed to be a walk/run group and asked her what her plan for the race was. I really didn’t want to walk at all if I could help it, but this is about the finish time I was looking for. But when she told me that they planned on doing a 3:1 (run 3 min then walk 1 min) for the whole race I was like “Hell No!” First of all, 13 miles and 2 ½ hours is a really long time to keep up the monotony of a 3:1. Secondly, are you kidding me? That’s running 101 right there. Next I sought out the 2:30 pace group and asked her plan, but I knew before I even asked it was asking too much of myself, so I was seriously on my own. Good thing I had Grover!

We started the race, which was a very small race by many standards, only 2200 runners, and I fought all urges to run with the pack. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself this whole race for the way I was able to pace myself out. I settled into an easy 12:40 pace and the weather was beautiful and so I would just thank God with every step how enjoyable it was. I had my ultimate playlist (which I will post on soon) and again, with each song I just enjoyed my music and would thank God (and Lisa) for each song. The first 4 miles were easy and quick. I forced myself to not think about time or pace, except to check I wasn’t speeding up and that worked wonderfully. By the time we had looped back around to the starting line to begin our trip around the lake I was already well into mile 4.
I got to mile 6 and I was feeling good and doing really well. Here I debated taking my first honey packet or not. I didn’t really feel the need to take one; however, I didn’t want to hit a wall either. So I decided I should go ahead. In hindsight I wish I had waiting for a least one more mile. My new pre-race fuel was working wonderfully but I wasn’t sure how long it would hold out – next time! At the half way split I was at exactly 1:20 which means that if I stayed at this pace I could pull off a 2:40 finish! I was very excited, especially since I was feeling good and had told myself that if by mile 8 I was still feeling good I could drop my pace.
It was somewhere between mile 6 and the 15k mark that disaster hit….I drank blue PowerAde! YUCK!! I hate blue food, unless they are blueberries and blue PowerAde is just a double whammy! Between the unneeded honey pack and the blue PowerAde by stomach did not like me too well and I was starting to hit a wall. I was disappointed with myself for not feeling strong enough at mile 8 to pick up the pace and by the 15k mark I just had to walk.  The weather was getting warmer and my body was tired. I had been keeping pace well and I was proud of myself for making it that far on my own and without stopping yet. I still wish I had run the whole thing, but there’s always next time.
I walked ran for the next 2.5 miles and was blessed to meet a girl named Amy. We walked and ran and talked some for a little bit and then at mile 12 I told her I was going to try to run the rest in and she could join me or do her own thing. It was a slow mile and I walked sporadically throughout it but I finished strong and with a smile! I was able to take 9 whole minutes off on my first half marathon time – I am totally happy with that!

And I’m proud of Lisa here for finishing her half marathon in 2:35….what!?!?! You go girl!
And for some post race recovery.....

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