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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yes, This Is Still A Runner's Blog

I realize that I have not been talking about running very much lately, maybe that’s because I haven’t run in two weeks! (Dear running gods, please forgive me for neglecting our relationship, it was never my intention to disown you for such a lengthy period of time. I promise I will work harder at maintain a better relationship from this point forward. Very sincerely, The Unlikely Runner).
I did not realize it had been two whole weeks since my last run until I was updating my daily mile tracker. I was in fact still working out and going to the gym, I just wasn’t actually logging any miles out on the pavement. In reality, it was not bad to rest my legs. And even though I have another Half Marathon in 10 days, I think that by not putting as many miles on my legs and focusing on cross-training will be a good thing. We will see though, I’m still new at this!
That being said, I set out with Lisa (poor Michelle pulled a muscle!) on Saturday morning with the plan to do 6 miles. We also met at a later time than usual because I want to adapt my body to the warmer temperatures that we have been having (I never thought I would ever want to move out of Texas, but I am seriously not looking forward to this summer of training ahead of me). That was all well and good until about 8 steps into our run we hit a wall of humidity and actually started running backwards from the gusts of wind we were facing (I speak the truth, this all really did happen!).  So yet again, another long(ish) run became a bust! We did 3.3 miles. Sad day. Not however, to be outdone by the wind, I went to the gym and knocked out 2.2 more miles to make the daily total at 5.5 miles for the day (so maybe not a total waste). 
So back to my ramblings from last week on having a training log…. I think I have come up with a decent plan of attack for now, and also knowing that as I go along I may need to be flexible (that word barely has a place in a Type-A’s vocabulary so it’s lucky to make the appearance now) and re-work the plan or make changes. But for now this is how it will work:
-          I will set up a 6 week plan (which will closely resemble what we used, or should have used for the turkey trot class and the half marathon training). It will factor in any upcoming races I have scheduled.
-          Each week I will make a weekly, more detailed plan based off of the 6 week plan and put it all into a binder or notebook. This will not only include the mileage and types of run (hills, tempo runs, speed) but also include cross-training workouts with times and weight-lifting/core workouts.
-          Each day I will record foods (I will NOT count calories, carbohydrates, sugar, etc. That is not my intention here. My only intention is to track the foods I eat so I can know better what makes me feel the best throughout the day and gives me the best fuel for training) and the details of each workout along with how I feel.
-          At the end of each week I will go over what I was supposed to do, and what I actually did (let’s be honest here, we are all human) and see where I need to improve the next week.
Why am I doing this you ask?
My answer to that would be, have you even read my about me section? Do you know what a type-A personality does to a person? Do you not know my hypersensitivity to plans and lists and goal-orientation? If you ask why then you probably answered no to those questions.
But in all seriousness (I do have a very serious side, albeit largely sarcastic) here is what I am hoping to accomplish by doing this training log:
-          I want to follow a proper training plan. Training plans are designed for a reason and should be followed as best as possible
-          I want to stay injury free
-          I want to improve
-          I want to learn more about myself and what I am truly capable of accomplishing
So there you have it, type-A to the extreme! Each Monday I will post the weekly plan I have set up. I don’t always post every day, although I would like to, so the days I do post, I will include the daily workout, otherwise you can follow on daily mile. I will also, each Monday, try to give a recap of the past week’s attempt at the plan. I will be starting my log this Sunday, conveniently for me it’s May 1st (seriously, I did not plan that, ok well maybe I did only slightly, but I am doing a little happy dance that I get to start on a Sunday that happens to be the 1st of the month. I really don’t need to explain it any more for you, do I?).  Send me your encouragement, ideas to help me make this project better or any advice you may have, I’d love to hear from you!
“Now to Him who is able to do, immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power, that is at work within us to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever Amen.” Ephesians 3:20

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