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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trial and Error

Tuesday Night workout:
Ran with Lisa and Michelle 3 miles at a 12:02 pace
Elliptical 30 min cross train program
Recumbent Bike 30 min
Tan for 12 min (that’s not a real workout? Says who?)
So tonight on our mini run we decided to pick up the pace a bit and do a quick in and out. Our big race is Sunday and so we need to take it easy. I also wanted to use this run and try out some new GU packets. I’ve been using the GU chomps on our long runs and I do like them, but have a few issues with them. First of all the package is impossible to open, especially if you are sweaty. Secondly, it’s hard to chew and keep your breathing in pattern and run all at the same time. Plus they always make me thirsty. So I wanted to try the actual packets and see how I liked those and what flavors I wanted. If I haven’t been smart about my training at least I was smart about this and decided I needed to try them this week and not wait until race day to try them in case they made me sick. So at mile 1 I took a honey packet. I like honey a lot and wanted to see how this tasted and how it worked. I LOVE how easy it is to open. And it’s super easy to just squirt a little in your mouth and keep running and it doesn’t interfere with your breathing at all. It was very sweet and a bit sticky but so far it’s a winner. I’m not sure how much energy it really gave me since I didn’t run that far but it seemed to work well. I have two GU with caffeine packets to try later this week so I will make my decision Saturday and let you know the winning GU to accompany me on my first half marathon.
Tonight: Maverick’s Game and it’s double bobble head night!

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