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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Since last week I bragged on my little sister, today I must brag on middle sister!

This lovely lady also recently graduated from Texas Tech and is now gainfully employed at a TV station in Lubbock. (No, unfortunately they don’t put her on TV) I am so proud of her and even though I love my job, can’t help but be slightly jealous of hers. She has a determined heart and a passion that you just don’t want to mess with. Watching her intense love for the important people in her life has given me a new appreciation for all the people that I love and care about in my life. She’s the best bargin hunter/finder I have ever met and has the greatest knack for turning “Goodwill finds” into lasting decorations – it’s quite a talent!

apparently this picture is only available in "goodwill" quality as well.

My Garmin finally came!!!!
don't mind the awkwardness

After doing all of my training so far by logging miles with my phone I decided I guess I was serious enough to invest in one of these bad boys. I was tired of carrying my phone with me and even though it seemed accurate it was just too hard to manage my pace and distance on it. I did some research and spent some time comparing the different models. I never really considered anything other than a Garmin because well let’s face it, Skinny Runner uses a Garmin so I HAD to have one too! This comparison function on their website is a great tool and helped me pick out mine. From there I knew exactly what I wanted and found it on Amazon for a much better deal. My mom was gracious enough to purchase this new piece of my heart for a birthday/congratulations gift. Aren’t Moms the best? I immediately tore open the package when it came last week and quickly was able to figure out most of the settings.

I did have to read the user’s guide for a few things but it was so amazingly easy to customize and create a screen with exactly what I wanted to see during my runs on it. I have used it twice now and I am completely utterly one hundred thousand percent in love! It’s my favorite color and lucky for me I LOVE big watches!  I cannot wait to use if for my next half marathon – I have become obsessed with pacing!

you and me are going to have a nice long and loving relationship!

And the last thing I’m loving today would be this book,
 it is simply amazing! It’s easy to read and I cannot put it down. My mom got each of my sisters and I a copy and one for herself so that we can all read it together. Totally amazing book! And I agree with the cover: “This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird…If you read only one book…let this be it.” – Seriously, go read it!

Tonight’s workout:
Elliptical 60 min
Yoga 60 min

P.S. Shout out to Taylor - she taugh me how to link things! So you will be seeing a lot of this, just a fair warning!

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congrats on the garmin!