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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ramblings in my brain....

Warrior Dash update-

Sorry that this is a little late in coming – it’s been a busy week! So the warrior dash is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Who knew I could enjoy the mud? I know, this comes as just as much of a shock to me as it does to you. I have this strong aversion to dirt of any kind, in particular, sand (that is in places other than the beach), and most definitely mud. But on Sunday, I sucked it up and dove right in. Ok, maybe I didn’t DIVE in, it’s still not my favorite thing in the world, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The obstacles were fun and not too challenging. And if Lisa tries to tell you she beat me through all of them, it’s a lie! I let her beat me on a couple of them, and some of them she beat me just because she started before me, but really we all know who won that challenge. I also got to cross something off my “pail list”, a smaller, lesser known version of the infamous “bucket list” (I have both by the way and usually the pail list gets made up as I go along…); and that was climbing over rusty old cars. I pretended like I was escaping from the bad guys in an action movie and just flew over them, it was great fun. *Side note: we were all smart enough to think to bring a water-proof camera so that we could take pictures during the event, yet none of us were smart enough to go out and actually BUY a water-proof camera, so you will just have to enjoy the before and afters and imagine all the in-betweens.  So to put it in a nut shell, “When can I do this again??” It was so much fun, and the atmosphere is so enjoyable. People were wearing costumes and everyone was having a great time.

On other thoughts, I’ve been enjoying some much loved Texas Ranger’s baseball. I think I will set a personal record for 4 games in one week (I’ve already been to two and have two more this weekend!) I would seriously live at the ballpark all summer long if I could. I mean what’s not to enjoy about “America’s game”? To me, Summer = baseball, and I <3 both!!!

Lastly, I signed up for my final two runs this year, the Rock ‘n Roll Half in L.A. and then a 10k in July at none other than the Ballpark in Arlington. So as I’m sitting here thinking of all that’s ahead of me, my head is swimming with training thoughts and ideas and how to pace myself over the summer, how to add cross-training and make sure I’m doing proper workouts, ugh my head is a mess! So an idea popped out of this turmoil and I think it just might work, at least it will help me to stay organized I think – and we all know that type A’s need to be organized the way fish need water to live. Anyways, I’m thinking about keeping a training log – sure daily mile is nice and all, and my Garmin is in the mail (yay!!!! Post on that coming soon!!) – but I need to see in black and white in front of me what’s going on and what I’ve been doing and what’s going to work for me to keep me healthy and injury free all year long (after all, I just found out to cap the running year off the family is heading to Disney World! Ok, so it really has nothing to do with my running except that we leave the same day I finish my four seasons challenge…) I haven’t quite figured out the specifics of this training log and how I’m going to do it and keep it so any ideas would be good (all 4 followers, I need some input please!).
So there you have it, my rambles for Wednesday – phew, I make myself tired sometimes!

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