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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I stand corrected, I truly am Delusional!

I have been blessed with a curse called a Type-A Personality. I’ve tried ignoring it; I’ve tried avoiding it; I’ve even tried changing it, none of which has worked. I cannot hide from it any more so now I’ve just decided to embrace it! By embracing this thing I am really and truly letting IT embrace ME. The joys of a type-A would be that I’m hard working; I’m self-motivated, I’m organized, outgoing and determined. The downside is that I over commit, I wear myself out and I am way too hard on myself when I have to admit I need a break. I always have good intention, that’s never the problem, but sometimes I just dream way too BIG!! I have to reign myself back in many times and give myself a good stern talking to just to remind myself that I was not made to do EVERYTHING and it really is ok if I can’t do something or just have to say no. With that being said, I once again have taken to the internet to look for runs to fill in the gaps in our year and that was a mistake of monumental proportion!!! I have definitely filled in the gaps. I might just be a little bit nuts but I figured that I’m young and all I can do is at least try. Another big positive is now I can become a part of the Half Fanatics Running club sooner than I thought. (more on that later) So here is the new and improved, updated and fully developed, goals and all included 2011 Event Calendar:
January 15: Hot Chocolate 5K – personal best of 35:18
January 23: Too Cold to Hold 15K – first 15K ever 1:49:34 (my best race still to date!)
February 26: Cowtown 10K – 1:14:36
April 10: Big D Half Marathon (part of our 4 Seasons Challenge event 1) – will be our first half marathon ever! My goal here is to finish in 3 hours or less
April 17: Warrior Dash 5K – my goal is to have fun!
May 1: McKinney Tri Sprint Triathlon – will be our first triathlon ever! My goal is to simply finish
May 7th: White Rock Centennial Half Marathon – Lisa will be in WI doing the Cheesiest Half so I might be on my own for this one. My goal will be to take 2 minutes off my first finishing time.
June 12th: Wounded Warrior Half Marathon – my goal is to finish in 2:45 or less. *After completing this half marathon we will qualify for our Half Fanatics membership! There are many different levels and this will put us into the entry level for having completed 3 half marathons within 90 days)
August 14: The Hottest Half (4 Seasons Challenge event 2) – my goal here is to finish in 2:30 or less (really since it’s August in Texas, I’ll be happy with any finish)
October 9: Tyler Rose Half Marathon (4 Seasons Challenge event 3) - my goal is to finish in 2:15 or less
November 20: Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa – my goal here, since the weather should be nice will be a 2:05 finish or less
December 4: Dallas White Rock (we will either do the Half Marathon or the Relay, we haven’t decided yet)
January 28, 2012: The Texas Half (last of our 4 Seasons Challenge) – my goal here at this point in my training will be to be running under 11:00 min miles consistently
February 25-26, 2012: The Cowtown Challenge (10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday) – my goal is to complete both days
March 2012: Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon (or possibly Marathon, we will see how this year continues to play out)
Stay tuned, but for now I’m off and running….

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