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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cowtown 2011

This past weekend was our much anticipated Fort Worth trip to run the Cowtown 10K race. But that anticipation was soon erased by the lovely DFW traffic on a Friday afternoon. From McKinney to Fort Worth in traffic was more than enough to raise Lisa’s blood pressure to an unhealthy point, according to the people at the UNT health and science booth at the expo. Once we finally arrived at the expo, we quickly proceeded to pick up our race packets and I must say that it was very well organized for the volume of people that were expected to run. But I do have one question: why in the world do they ask for your t-shirt size when you register if they aren’t even going to have any of your size available when you get there? Not that I really care, I hate wearing t-shirts but I just found it odd.
Next we were off to find food and drinks…We ended up at Rockfish for fish tacos and a drink before venturing out to the other local and interesting looking places. The first stop seemed much more appealing on the outside and wound up being way overpriced for a drink. Moving on from there we ended up at the most intriguing dive I have to say I have ever been to. It was a dump and a hole in the wall if there ever was one but it was the best time we had all night, in my opinion. I mean what’s not interesting about a bar called ‘Ye Olde Bull and Bush’?
From there we decided to call it a night, after all, the real reason we were in Fort Worth was to actually run. Getting to our hotel, I must say, was an adventure in and of itself. And let’s just say that what happens in the blue mustang stays in the blue mustang. Once we arrived at our hotel (that did NOT have bugs) we pretty much just all crashed.

Bright and early Saturday morning we were up and at the starting line for our race that started at 7:00am. The weather was great and it was the perfect amount of people, I was ready to go. My goal was to finish in anything under 1:15. We started the run with two big hills, so not cool! From there we ended up in an old neighborhood with lots of beautiful old houses and I realized just how cool Fort Worth really is. Mile 1 and 2 went by so easily, I was feeling good. But half way thru mile 2 we headed out onto this path that I did not like at all. And to make things worse I had forgotten to eat my peanut butter that morning and had only had a banana and I was seriously regretting that. The rest of the race was just a struggle for me and by the time I hit mile 5 my body was shutting down. You know the feeling, rubbery legs, dry mouth, body tingles and you don’t have any idea how you are actually moving forward…that’s the one! Lisa was having a good day and she took off and finished strong a minute before us. But Michelle and I struggled on and even had to walk a few yards in that last mile. But we both still finished under our goal time! I finished at 1:14.35, and despite the fact that it was a bad day for me I still felt good about that. I kept going and I finished.
 Four months ago I would have never imagined that I would be in this position finishing yet another run with my friends. I would have never dreamed that I would look back and realize that I just ran for over an hour non-stop. I would have never dreamed that I would have a full year ahead of me with so much promise and potential. And I would have never imagined just how strong I would be.

With Cowtown 2011 in the books I can now look forward to my month of intense training, my own version of March Madness, and the year ahead of me, and us. I have now added a new goal to the end of this year and that is the Cowtown Challenge. Next year I will attempt 2 days of back to back running, the 10K on the first day and the Half Marathon the next. It’s just one, make that two more reason to keep running!

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