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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Lack of Motivation

Remember when you set those New Year's Resolutions and you told yourself that THIS is the year I will make it past January with those goals? Well, I don't! I decided this year that I'm tired of letting my resolve to be a better person fall by the wayside sometime around mid-February and just decided to nix resolutions all together. I guess you could say that my resolution was to NOT have resolutions. In theory this seemed brilliant - because come the end of January I wouldn't have anything with which to hold over my head and say, 'once again you have failed'. I do that to myself enough as it is. However, my plan has failed miserably. I have somehow still found a way to make myself feel guilty and feel like I have let myself down. How do I do it? I can't seem to catch a break! Maybe it's that type A personality that drives me to overcommit myself to endeavours with which I have such high expectations of myself that I can't help but fail. Or maybe its not so much that I truly fail but more so the fact that I think I have failed. In reality, I have accomplished more than I give myself credit for.
So over the past few weeks the running has been few and far between. We haven't logged near the miles we should have to be on track for our half marathon that is quickly approaching. And I won't even mention the triathlon that I so absently thought, 'no big deal' about. I could make excuses and give countless reasons for the lack of pounding the pavement, but I think for me it's truly more important to just simply admit that I had no motivation, and that's ok. It's ok to admit I needed a break. It's ok to admit that I didn't feel like running. And it's ok to stray from the training just a little bit. So long as I don't let the lack of motivation become permanent. And it didn't! We decided we needed a new running route so we took the the trails yesterday. It was hard (missing a week or more does have consequences) but it was still do-able and it felt good. I liked mixing things up, it adds adventure and gives you a renewed sense of accomplishment. And well, let's just say we found some enjoyment along the trails...
Our lack of motivation may not be completely gone yet, and here are the pictures to prove it

Who says you can't find time to play a little?
Well, I think I must find my motivation to do some work today.....
Happy running!
Cowtown in 5 days!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running is cheaper than therapy!

I know I have mentioned before just how shocked I have been at how expensive the seemingly simple sport of running is, but I must say, it is cheaper than many alternatives! I was reminded last week just how much I have come to depend on being able to run, not just for health benefits, but also for sanity. Here in North Texas we were hit with a massive winter storm. There was ice and snow for 4 days straight. The schools were closed and many were stuck inside. And we didn't get to run for over a week! Along with that Winter Storm, our family was also hit with a "storm of life". I was reminded all to well of recent events and hurtful times, but was also quick to realize just how fully capable I was of weathering this storm. I had been there before, the surroundings were all too familiar, yet somehow I was able to find peace. The storm hasn't passed, and may continue to bring other torrents and winds behind it but I know I am on solid ground.
Last night it was such a relief to be reunited with my fellow runners and just simply run the stress away after having being stuck inside for days on end. There truly is a lot to be said for the way a good run and good company just clears the mind of all clouds. And there's even more to be said for the sanity and overall feeling of accomplishment when you have hit the pavement.
Run towards happiness my fellow storm chasers!